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My music is a mix of colors, feelings, places, and styles. Positively refreshing like the warmth of hope, a new day, another chance, the sun rising…

-- Xande Cruz --




The new album from Xande Cruz. Celebrate being alive, Celebrate the possibilities, Celebrate a new day, another sunrise, another rain drop bringing life and hope. CELEBRATE YOUR SELF!

Preview clips:
Xande Cruz - Celebrate  01 Xande Cruz – Celebrate

Xande Cruz - Menina Menino  02Xande Cruz – Menina Menino

Xande Cruz - Forte  03 Xande Cruz – Forte

Xande Cruz - Give Your Love  04 Xande Cruz – Give Your Love

Xande Cruz - Solucao  05 Xande Cruz – Solucao

Xande Cruz - Abafa  06 Xande Cruz – Abafa

Xande Cruz - Afrobeat  07 Xande Cruz – Afrobeat

Xande Cruz - Hijo  08 Xande Cruz – Hijo

Xande Cruz - Linda  09 Xande Cruz – Linda

Xande Cruz - MinhaBola  10 Xande Cruz – MinhaBola

Xande Cruz - Perda  11 Xande Cruz – Perda

Xande Cruz - Viva  12 Xande Cruz – Viva





Xande Cruz and the Batukis Band debuted with a sound thatwas fresh off the streets, rooted in Afro-Brazilian tradition, and steeped in pop melodies and flavors. Mixing Brazilian percussion with turntables and samples, funk guitars, bass, drums, horns and rich vocals, Cruz’s soulful sound  redefines “world music”. Xande Cruz is a true showman, playing over twenty different percussion instruments, he blesses audiences with magical rhythms with energizing vocals.



Xande Cruz - Lattifah  01 Xande Cruz – Lattifah

Xande Cruz - Cidades  02Xande Cruz – Cidades

Xande Cruz - Desigualdade  03 Xande Cruz – Desigualdade

Xande Cruz - Feliz so' isso  04 Xande Cruz – Feliz so’ isso

Xande Cruz - Eu E Voce  05 Xande Cruz – Eu E Voce

Xande Cruz - Noticias  06 Xande Cruz – Noticias

Xande Cruz - Luz  07 Xande Cruz – Luz

Xande Cruz - Pense Nisso  08 Xande Cruz – Pense Nisso

Xande Cruz - Sereia Queen  09 Xande Cruz – Sereia Queen

Xande Cruz - Historia De Um  10 Xande Cruz – Historia De Um

Xande Cruz - O Sol  11 Xande Cruz – O Sol

  •  I was entranced through the entire album and amazed at the way Cruz used traditional Afro Brazilian rhythms in such a modern way.

  • Great brazilan music!

    Dee Hurtz
  • Xande Cruz truly awakens and energizes my spirit.

    Jessica P.
  • Simplicidade, sofisticação e música. Resumo da arte deste artista que, assim como o raiar do sol, está chegando para iluminar o cenário musical.

    Luiz Gustavo


With a sound as rich and diverse as his native São Paulo, XANDE (shun-ji) CRUZ adeptly blends urban and traditional, colors and sounds, together in a soulful way like none other. The music defies genres by blending afro-Brazilian rhythms with samples, funk guitars, bass, drums, horns, and vocals. Cruz’s passionate melodies carry subtle hints of influences from MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), electronic, hip-hop and reggae while fluidly blending various traditional Brazilian percussive modes to create an original sound and positive energy that gets everyone dancing!

Hear the rhythm, see the light.

-- --



Many established artists create music that is memorable because of its lyrics and/or melody.  Fewer create music that penetrates and integrates with one’s internal rhythm. Xande Cruz possesses that unique talent. His new album, Celebrate, infuses listeners with a sensory overload of flavors, rhythms, and colors.

Xande was born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil. He remembers listening to his father’s singing and his record collection of Brazilian Popular Music.  “I was always banging something. My first instrument was a table top and I created my own drum set using different sized cans and boxes. Sometimes I would play along with the music in the house or I’d take it outside and try to create my own beats. I had my first experience with real instruments as a teenager when I played at practice at samba school. ” Xande bought his first drum at age 24.

Xande migrated to New York when he was 20. There he started playing for dance studios which progressed to touring with samba schools in Japan and Korea. He created a trio of percussionists called Batukis, which performed traditional Brazilian rhythms for small venues.  Due to his impressive percussion skills playing a vast of Afro Brazilian instruments, he began to play with other bands. He also performed with various Brazilian pop bands, African drum ensembles, dance troupes, and theatrical productions in NY, Miami and Philadelphia. Xande’s musical talents evolved and he started writing and singing original works. His first song, LUZ, mimicked his own musical journey with lyrics depicting the “light at the beginning of the tunnel.” “Writing a song made me see pen and paper in a new way. I could visit a new world outside of reality.”

Armed with an original playlist Cruz  showcase the songs.  Xande’s debut project, LUZ, approached an atypical sound from his rhythmic percussive roots perspective and from there created memorable harmonies woven into the fabric of his art and his identity. LUZ showcased Xande’s soulful gritty voice with lyrics that flood the mind with thoughts of social inequality, love, and the cultural peculiarities of Brazil and the US. He pays tribute to their great influences while redefining “world music”. Xande Cruz is a true showman, playing over twenty different percussion instruments, he blesses audiences with magical rhythms with energizing vocals.

While working on his second album Xande broaden his repertoire by accepting a position as Director of Music for Hey, You! The company creates programs to help children with Attention Deficit Disorder complete life tasks in the home environment. The core of the programs is delineated tasks set to music. Xande creates music geared to prompt neural and rhythmic patterning which allows the tasks to become habits. Once again Cruz infuses his unique percussive sounds into the songs which in this format result in internalization of the skill and infectious fun for the children. Current songs include Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Going and Splish, Splash Time To Take A Bath.

Celebrate, Cruz’s second album, is a mixture of Brazilian percussion with turntables and samples, funk guitars, bass, drums horns and electronics. His new sound is fresh off the streets, rooted in Afro-Brazilian tradition and steeped in pop melodies and flavors. Expected to be released summer 2014, the songs seep into your mind, body and soul. Cruz offers you a chance to celebrate with sounds that overcome you with the urge to dance and once again become part of your internal rhythm.




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